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Pulsor Representative, Trainer & Practitioner: Sybil Poiset

Sybil Poiset, one of the most experienced and well-regarded representatives of the Pulsor Technology

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If you have questions about the Course please contact us along with your contact information and best time to call.

Sybil Poiset: 714-597-3224   subtleenergy1984@aol.com   

Pulsors® and Their Multi-Functions on EMF Classes
"Understanding The Menace of Electromagnetic Pollution"

Scientific research has now revealed overwhelmingly that, in addition to chemical pollutants, another villain has been afoot in the workplace, not only in our factories, but in our offices and conference rooms as well, one less detectable to the senses than hazardous chemicals and possibly more harmful electromagnetic pollution.

These debilitating symptoms were once considered inevitable to modern technology. But through breakthrough discoveries in Pulsor® dynamics, pioneered by Dr. George T.F. Yao, these life damaging radiations can now be neutralized, restoring the natural harmony and balance of the energy to the body. When the flow of the Subtle Energy System is disturbed by harmful, electromagnetic radiation, it adversely affects all other systems.

Each Pulsor® class level is 5 weekends on EMF Classes--one weekend per month for five (5) months equals  50 hours for Certification.

Levels of Pulsor®  Emf Classes.

  1. Pulsor®  Emf Classes Beginning Level EMF Protection
    1. Understanding EMF Protection
    2. Understand Your Environment
    3. Pulsor® VEF for Homes and Computers

  2. Pulsor®  Emf Classes Intermediate Level EMF Protection
    1. Bringing Harmony into your Home
    2. Pulsors® in Automobiles
    3. Learning the Vortex Energy Centers

  3. Pulsor®  Emf Classes Advanced Level EMF Protection
    1. On-going Pulsor Technology
    2. Resources of Pulsor® Material
    3. How to Find and Retain Pulsor® Clients
    4. Pulsor® "Feng Shui" for Spinning out Office Building and Homes
    5. Pulsor® Graduation and Vertification at the Completion
Cost of Pulsor®  EMF Protection Classes
The “Pulsors® and Their Multi-functions” EMF Protection course is made up of three (3) Pulsor® Therapy levels. Each level will last five (5) weekends, one weekend per month for five (5) consecutive months (see above).
“Below with the PayPal link all EMF Protection Classes can be purchased thru PayPal. All EMF Protection Classes Are Final No Refunds"


(5 Classes)


Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Beginning



Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Intermediate



Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Advanced



Total for All Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Levels


  • A “Certificate” as a Pulsor®  EMF Protection Technicians will be awarded at the completion of each class level.
  • An Animal Clinic with Pulsor® will also be taught separate from the “Certification” process.
  • EMF Protection Classes may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.


Pulsor®  EMF Protection Beginning Class Kit
You will need to purchase the following Pulsors® when you sign up for the Pulsor®  EMF Protection Beginning Class:“Below with the PayPal link all Pulsors® EMF Protection Classes can be purchased thru PayPal. All Pulsors® EMF Protection Classes Kits Are Final No Refunds"



Pulsor® Set of Angels EMF Protection (Solid State)



Acu-Pulsor® EMF Protection



Energy Balancing Pulsor® Therapy Excerpts* EMF Protection

(Beginning course only)




*Additional Excerpt costs for Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Intermediate and Pulsor® Therapy EMF Protection Advanced courses.
**Applicable sales tax will be added if purchasing without a resale license.




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