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I discovered Pulsor® 20+ years ago and studied with George Yao for a weekend. That and his book is all the information I had until I discovered Sybil last year. Curious to see what was up in the Pulsor® world after 20+ years I googled Pulsor® and was lucky enough to find Sybil on the internet and bought some new Pulsors®. After many emails and phone calls she had me using Pulsors® in ways I would never have found on my own. She showed me what to do step by step and a whole new world opened up.

I met Sybil in person after a near fatal prescription drug reaction. She taught me and balanced me for four days. I recovered so much in those 4 days, it was a miracle. She is amazing.

She holds the authentic vault of Pulsor® application information available today. A longtime student of George Yao himself, she knows her stuff.

I use my pulsors every day healing my body now, thanks to Sybil.



"Pulsor® balancings keeps me young. I am in my 70's and with regular balancings my mind stays clear and my whole system opens up and feels great with no aches and pains. I can't imagine doing without Pulsor®."

Carolyn Poiset
Orange, CA



"Since installing a Bio-Filter in my office, I feel more clear, relaxed and productive throughout the day. My superiors enjoy being here too, without knowing why. (I haven't told them about the filter.) They use to come in, do business, then leave. Now they linger, and try to stay as long as they can."

Carroll Purvis
Sales Administration Manager
Santa Clarita, CA


"I had no idea how tight the muscles in my neck and shoulders had become from working under fluorescent lights. The radiation had me all shrunken in. But after balancing, I could feel my energy flowing again. Now, with Pulsor® in my pockets, I stay expanded, even under the lights."

Edward DiEsso
Laguna Beach, CA


"The results were immediate. After my first Pulsor® balancing, I felt surprisingly energized and relaxed and eager to catch up on my backlog of work."

Michael Fries
Encinitas, CA


"I've tried a lot of things to increase my energy. But feeling energetic, just my having my own energies aligned, is amazing.

Evan Vassos
Talent Scout
Dana Point, CA


"The Pulsor® balancings relaxed me and freed up energy I didn't know I had. My days go more smoothly now. The struggle just isn't there."

Caroline F. Nagy
Speech Pathologist, MA, CCC
Diamond Bar, CA



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