Pioneering Technology for Stress Management

Balance Your Energy, Naturally

Pulsor® Products manage the stress levels in the human body's energy systems, harmonizing and correcting feelings such as restlessness, irritability, apprehension, stress, and tension in the neuromuscular structures. 

Classes & Training

Taught by Sybil Poiset, one of the most experienced and well-regarded Practitioners of Pulsor® Technology.

Pulsor® Systems

From personal protection kits to environmental protection, Pulsor® products are designed to protect the Vortex Energy Centers.

Pulsor® Books

Study the unique history of Pulsor® technology along with its global impact and many health implications. 

How It Works

Created in 1970, Pulsors® have been continuously refined to maintain the vortex polarity balance of the body.


Pulsor® is a microcrystalline composition, sensitive to certain energy waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. 


Pulsor® is neatly sealed in many different types of devices such as Pulsor® Wrist Bands, Pulsor® Decorative Pendants, and Pulsor® Products.


Pulsor® creates a protective force shield so "electric smog" may not have any further effect upon the human system.


Pulsor® Therapy Protects From Widespreading Electromagnetic Pollution & Keeps Your Energy Balanced

  • Releases tension around shoulders, neck, & arms
  • Reduces fatigue and daytime sleepiness
  • Reduces pressure in the head
  • Balances out negative emotions
  • Increases energy & clarity


What people around the world are saying after using Pulsor®.

"Sybil has been our teacher, Pulsor practitioner and best friend for over 25 years. The pulsor work has been a life companion. The mentorship of Sybil and Pulsor balancing has helped our family survive and thrive through many of life's crises. Not only do pulsors clear up and balance your personal energy field, we have found it imperative to stabilize the home environment through the Pulsor Vortex energy filters. Sybil has also helped us to protect the energy fields in our Tesla."

Karin Olsson

"I had no idea how tight the muscles in my neck and shoulders had become from working under fluorescent lights. The radiation had me all shrunken in. But after balancing, I could feel my energy flowing again. Now, with Pulsor® in my pockets, I stay expanded, even under the lights."

Edward DiEsso

Laguna Beach, CA

"Since installing a Vortex Energy Filter in my office, I feel more clear, relaxed, and productive throughout the day. My superiors enjoy being here too, without knowing why. They used to come in, do business, then leave. Now they linger, and try to stay as long as they can."

Carroll Purvis

Sales Administration Manager
Santa Clarita, CA

Energize | Balance | Protect

Are you ready to protect your body's natural energies, balance them, and start living a life of clarity? 

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