ACU-Pulsor Spin Tester

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Newly expanded frequencies designed to be used with PULSOR devices for correcting the Vortex Energy Centers. Because it is created from PULSOR material, it is truly energetically neutral when used in any environment.  Also, ACU-PULSOR SPIN TESTER can be used on the acupuncture points to relieve stress and this can be used to test many items if they are positive or negative in their nature.

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4 reviews for ACU-Pulsor Spin Tester

  1. Jex Khaw

    Bought 3 sets of Spin tester. As I have friends that are interested in using them. Sybil was fast with her response, Easy & Hassle-free while placing an order and received the items within a week. Items will packed nicely.

  2. Barnaby

    I’ve been lucky enough to know Sybil for several years …and have found her to be the real “outside the box” deal.
    Offering solutions, very professional ….She’s my go to when I’ve felt unsure.

    I “Always” have one or more Pulsors on my person. I have purchased several. These are some of my favorites: Spin tester, Five elements, Wrist bands, Vortex energy filter, and the Angel pulsors.

  3. Dan Douroux

    I have had my spin since 2012.
    I use it daily. I use it for emotional centering on my 3rd eye. I put it in my left pant pocket for a tight IT Band. I have use to blow out a gum cyst. I use on the reflex points on the bottom of my feet for health of corresponding organs
    IT WORKS. Get lessons from Sybil
    …She is the best.

  4. Twila Rowley (verified owner)

    Exceptionally fast shipping (seriously, a couple of days cross-country), and great communications. Sybil let me know it was in my mailbox before the post office did.
    As soon as I took it out of the box, I grounded myself and started using it. Amazing in its sensitivity; I got a very strong yes and no immediately. Going to have a lot of fun with this one!

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