Pulsor Pendant – Sterling Silver

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The necklace comes with a medium-sized stone and an 24″ sterling silver chain. For females, the pendant needs to be worn right at the heart center and for males, it needs to be worn right at the throat center.

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Type of Stone

Black Onyx, Blue Onyx, Tigers Eye

2 reviews for Pulsor Pendant – Sterling Silver

  1. Rachel

    I love the pendant, I felt some anxiety lifted of me, I was more calmer and relaxed. I absolutely love the pendant this technology is truly amazing.

  2. Koio

    I have been using pulsar pendant for more then 20 years. When you travel, and specifically when you spend many hours in the plane, changing time zones, bathing in a shower of all kind of radiation, the difference between having this little one on your neck and not having it is tremendous. If you try it, im assuring you, that you will know and feel it.

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