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Meet Our Founder, Ms. Sybil Poiset - DS Official Pulsor® Representative

In 1984, Ms. Sybil Poiset, DS Official Pulsor® Representative met Dr. George T. F. Yao, an Electrical, Chemical, and Molecular Engineer and the Inventor of the Pulsor®. She was awarded Diplomat Status (DS) in 1993 with a Pulsor® Therapy Diplomat World Wide Diploma, signifying Notable achievements, distinguished service for education and/or significant public or professional recognition for work in a particular field i.e. Pulsor® Therapy Technology. Ms. Poiset, DS Official Pulsor® Representative continued training under Dr. Yao until his death in 1998.

World-Traveled & Widely Renowned

A dynamic speaker, Sybil Poiset, attended the Dale Carnegie Course and won a Best Speaker Award® from Toastmasters. She travels to many cities in the continental United States, as well as Singapore, teaching and lecturing on the proper techniques of Pulsor® maintaining the vortex polarity balance of the body's energy fields using Pulsor® Therapy.

Ms. Poiset continues educating herself with one goal in mind: to help people live better lives through the noninvasive use of Pulsor® Therapy. Once the energy fields of the physical body have been restored, Sybil can use modern Pulsor® Techniques to automatically change negative energy patterns that are sometimes present in office buildings, residences, and vehicles to help maintain a positive environmental influence on the body.

Sybil's Pulsor® students and health professionals travel to her classes repeatedly to keep current with their Pulsor® Balancing education, gaining additional knowledge through review and study of the latest Pulsor® Balancing procedures she continues to develop.

Refining Pulsor® Therapy Techniques Since 1984

Pulsor® Courses and Pulsor® lectures are offered to teach others about chemical and environment safety. We offer Pulsor® products for homes, office, vehicles, animals, and for personal use. We also offer Pulsor® consulting teams in homes and offices to help check your office and home environment. This includes helping Pulsor® clients to understand how to bring balance to your environment and life.

Our specialized Pulsor® teams are trained with years of experience in Environmental Electromagnetic Safety with Pulsors®. The teams travel throughout the globe teaching about our special Pulsor® products and Pulsor® Stress Management techniques. The foundation of Subtle Energy 1984 Pulsor® Therapy has been built on educating the general public.

Energize | Balance | Protect

Are you ready to protect your body's natural energies, balance them, and start living a life of clarity? 

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