Pulsor® EMF Protection Class – Beginner

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The “Pulsors® and Their Multi-Functions” EMF Protection course is made up of 3 Pulsor® Therapy levels.

What’s Included: 

  • Complete 3 Day EMF Class
  • Pulsor® Set of Angels EMF Protetion (Solid State)
  • Acu-Pulsor® EMF Protection
  • Energy Balancing Pulsor® Therapy Excerpts* EMF Protection

Levels of Pulsor EMF Classes:
1. Understanding EMF Protection
2. Understanding Your Environment
3. Pulsor Vortex Energy Filter for Home and Office Protection


Pulsors® & Their Multi-Functions on EMF Classes, “Understanding the Menace of Electromagnetic Pollution”

  • All Pulsors are Eco-Friendly
  • An Animal Clinic with Pulsor® will also be taught separately.
  • EMF Protection Classes may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor.
Class Type

Single, Series (5 Classes)

1 review for Pulsor® EMF Protection Class – Beginner

  1. Danielle K Martinez

    Sybil has 40 years of education for pulsors using energy to help people with chronic disease pain and answers through Pulsors relives unexplainable pain healing animals and humans alike.
    Classes are great easy information to understand.
    Customer service representative

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